Spring/Summer Safety Reminders

It is starting to get warm out and many of us will be getting outside more. Here are a few reminders to start your spring and summer:

-If your walking/jogging out on the roadway please walk/jogging facing traffic. If possible walk on the sidewalk.

-If your riding a bicycle on the roadway please ride with traffic and single file as close to the right side of the closest lane to the curb. Also remember to use your hand turn signals. Above all else, watch for vehicles around you. They may or may not know what your next move is.

– If your leaving on vacation please remember you may not want to post pictures or publicize your vacation on social media. Thieves are always looking for easy was to find out you’re not home. Have a reliable neighbor or close family member keep an eye or your property so if something does arise they can contact us. If you wish you can also contact our office to be added to our security check list.

-Scammers/door to door sales people may also may be starting up again. Remember that if it’s sounds to be good to be true it probably is. If it’s someone at your door always ask for credentials. If they are there to sell you something they should be able to show you that they have a peddlers license from our Village Office. If they cannot please contact us.

-Car B & E’s were an issue out in the County and we had a few in the village last year. The easiest deterrent for this is locking your vehicle if parked outside and locking your garage if is it is parked in a garage.

This page has been established as a way to share information with the Citizens and visitors of Ottawa Ohio. It is for informational purposes only and criminal violations should be reported by calling 911 or (419) 523-3208 or (419) 523-3449. We reserve the right to remove any postings that are deemed inappropriate. All suspects featured on this page are assumed innocent until they are proven guilty in either Putnam Municipal Court or Putnam County Common Pleas Court as applies.

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April 2014
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