Vehicle B&E’s in the Ottawa Area

The Ottawa Police Department would like to remind you to take the extra time to make sure your homes, vehicles, garages, and out buildings are locked. We have started receiving reports of vehicles that have been gone through in the past few days.

Please take the extra few minutes to make sure that you do not become victim to someone going through your unlocked building or vehicle and taking what is yours. Although, your best bet is not to leave expensive items or valuables in your vehicle, it is always a good items or valuables in your vehicle, it is always a good idea to keep your vehicles locked up anyways.

If you see something that appears suspicious or out of place, please call the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office immediately at (419) 523 3208.

This page has been established as a way to share information with the Citizens and visitors of Ottawa Ohio. It is for informational purposes only and criminal violations should be reported by calling 911 or (419) 523-3208 or (419) 523-3449. We reserve the right to remove any postings that are deemed inappropriate. All suspects featured on this page are assumed innocent until they are proven guilty in either Putnam Municipal Court or Putnam County Common Pleas Court as applies.

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June 2015
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